Trinity International College

Exclusive Environment

Fostering creativity & accomplishment, Trinity’s fine academic environment, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and safe settings are most conducive to studies and overall progress.

“If you join a centrally located college, you save many hours spent on travelling, and can use your valuable time for studies instead.”


Perfect Location
Trinity lies in the centre of the city making it easily accessible by public transport or otherwise. The College is situated in an open, lush, and elevated spot with a pleasant environment.

College Premises
The College grounds are fairly large and contain sports facilities like futsal, basketball, cricket, badminton, and table tennis. They are used for multifarious college events or other important outdoor purposes. Our premises are wide, open, clean, and fresh with pleasing flowers and greenery.

Architecture & Design
Trinity is architecturally sound and well - designed. The College has safe, quiet, and well-constructed buildings providing all the required modern facilities to students. Our classrooms are big, well-lit, and airy. There are also sufficient open spaces for different activities.

Safe Campus
All our buildings that accommodate several key facilities are well maintained and regularly inspected by engineers for functionality and safety. As a result, our environment is most conducive to all activities concerning the academic accomplishment and overall development of students.

Study Zone
Trinity's Study Zone provides a conducive environment for focused learning. This is an on-campus facility in which students can interact with each other, enjoy quiet study-time, or take part in scholastic events or activities. It is a unique set-up comfortable and spacious.




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