Trinity International College

Course Structure

First Semester
CSC 109 Introduction to Information Technology
CSC 110 C Programming
CSC 111 Digital Logic
MTH 112 Mathematics I
PHY 113 Physics


Second Semester
CSC 160 Discrete Structure
CSC 161 Object Oriented Programming
CSC 162 Microprocessor
MTH 163 Mathematics II
STA 164 Statistics I


Third Semester
CSC 206 Data Structure and Algorithms
CSC 207 Numerical Method
CSC 208 Computer Architecture
CSC 209 Computer Graphics
STA 210 Statistics II


Fourth Semester
CSC 257 Theory of Computation
CSC 258 Computer Networks
CSC 259 Operating Systems
CSC 260 Database Management System
CSC 261 Artificial Intelligence


Fifth Semester
CSC 314 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CSC 315 System Analysis and Design
CSC 316 Cryptography
CSC 317 Simulation and Modeling
CSC 318 Web Technology
Computer Science Elective I (Any one of the following courses)
CSC 319 Multimedia Computing
CSC 320 Wireless Networking
CSC 321 Image Processing
CSC 322 Knowledge Management
CSC 323 Society and Ethics in Information Technology
CSC 324 Microprocessor Based Design


Sixth Semester
CSC 364 Software Engineering
CSC 365 Complier Design and Construction
CSC 366 E-Governance
CSC 367 NET Centric Computing
CSC 368 Technical Writing
Computer Science Elective II (Any one of the following courses)
CSC 369 Applied Logic
CSC 370 E-commerce
CSC 371 Automation and Robotics
CSC 372 Neural Networks
CSC 373 Computer Hardware Design
CSC 374 Cognitive Science


Seventh Semester
CSC 409 Advanced Java Programming
CSC 410 Data Warehousing and Data Mining
MGT 411 Principles of Management
CSC 412 Project Work
Computer Science Elective III (Any one of the following courses)
CSC 413 Information Retrieval
CSC 414 Database Administration
CSC 415 Software Project Management
CSC 416 Network Security
CSC 417 Digital System Design
CSC 418 International Marketing


Eighth Semester
CSC 461 Advanced Database
CSC 462 Internship
Computer Science Elective IV & Computer Science Elective V (Any two of the following courses)
CSC 463 Advanced Networking with IPV6
CSC 464 Distributed Networking
CSC 465 Game Technology
CSC 466 Distributed and Object Oriented Database
CSC 467 Introduction to Cloud Computing
CSC 468 Geographical Information System
CSC 469 Decision Support System and Expert System
CSC 470 Mobile Application Development
CSC 471 Real Time Systems
CSC 472 Network and System Administration
CSC 473 Embedded Systems Programming
MGT 474 International Business Management


Course Areas Credit Hours
Computer Science (Core) 78
Computer Science (Electives) 15
Mathematics 9
Natural Science 9
English 3
Management 3
Internships and Projects 9
Total 126
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