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Coordinator’s Message


Management Studies play a crucial role in today's ever-changing business environment. To address national and global market needs, Tribhuvan University offers a 4-Year Bachelor’s in Business Studies – BBS – program with updated curricula.

The program, in general, prepares students for promising careers by helping them to think clearly, critically, and analytically. They are also taught to conceptualize ideas and relate them to real-life business situations. They gain skills to change business ventures for the better. Potential employers look for such professionals.

In particular, Bachelor’s in Business Studies blends core business disciplines and management functions innovatively. The program provides a strong foundation in Business Communication, Principles of Management, Economics, Accountancy, Statistics, HRM, Organizational Behaviour, Tax & Auditing, and Business Law. In their final year, students get to specialize in Finance, Accountancy, or Marketing. Further, students learn the strategic skills of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

An additional benefit of BBS is that students can learn as they earn. It is an annual program in which students can continue their studies and simultaneously do jobs or businesses.

Exciting times are ahead of you since Trinity College is a choice that’ll make you glad! At our end, we assure all the support you’d need.

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Program Coordinator

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