Trinity International College

Career Opportunities

Employers are always in need of business graduates for a broad range of vital placements like Operations, Information Security, Sales, Account, and HR. Students pursue business education and learn skills helping them to assume diverse management and administrative roles. Employers invariably seek qualified and smart business administration graduates for managing their businesses.

Jobs by Areas

Organizations Positions
Banking, Finance & Insurance Entry-level positions in banks, finance, and insurance companies
Corporations & Factories Marketing, finance, operations & human resources managers
Entrepreneurship Self-entrepreneurship with the acquired enthusiasm and learning
Government, NGOs & INGOs Administrative positions in various capacities in different organizations
Stock Market Brokers, investors, or portfolio managers
Sales & Marketing Advertisement or sales managers & management trainees
Hospitality & Tourism Staff or managers in airlines, hotel, or travel agencies
Human Resources Jobs related to hiring, placements, and performance evaluation & appraisals
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