Trinity International College

Course Structure

The BBM course of 120 credit hours is a 4-year programme spreading over eight semesters, each comprising 16 weeks of intensive study. Its course structure has business foundation & tools along with focus & elective areas.

Semester I 15 Credit Hours
ECO 211 Introductory Microeconomics
ENG 211 English I
MGT 201 Principles of Management
MTH 211 Business Mathematics I
SOC 201 Sociology for Business


Semester II 15 Credit Hours
ACC 201 Financial Accounting
ECO 212 Introductory Macroeconomics
ENG 212 English II
MTH 212 Business Mathematics II
PSY 201 Psychology


Semester III 15 Credit Hours
ACC 211 Computer Based Financial Accounting
ENG 213 Business Communications
FIN 211 Basic Finance
SOC 202 Nepalese Society & Politics
STT 211 Business Statistics


Semester IV 15 Credit Hours
ACC 212 Accounting for Decision Making
FIN 212 Financial Management
MGT 202 Human Resource Management
ACC 213 Corporate Taxation in Nepal
RCH 201 Business Research Methods


Semester V 15 Credit Hours
MGT 203 Organizational Behavior
MKT 311 Fundamentals of Marketing
OPR 311 Introduction to Operations Management
MGT 314 Legal Environment of Business
One Focus Area Course


Semester VI 15 Credit Hours
COM 312 Database Management
MGT 315 Business Environment in Nepal
MGT 316 Introduction to International Business
One Focus Area Course


Semester VII 15 Credit Hours
ITC 311 E-Commerce
MGT 317 Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
One Focus Area Course
Two Focus Area Course


Semester VIII 15 Credit Hours
MGT 318 Business Strategy
Two Elective Courses
MGT 351 Internship
One Focus Area Course


Focus Area
Bank Operations & Cooperative Management (5 Courses)
Sales & Marketing (5 Courses)
Insurance & Risk Management (5 Courses)
Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development (5 Courses)


Electives 9 Credit hours (Three Courses)
ELE 221 Emerging Global Business Issues
ELE 222 Information & Technology Management
ELE 223 Management of Foreign Trade
ELE 224 Organizational Development and Change
ELE 225 Budgeting & Financial Forecasting
ELE 226 Event Management
ELE 227 Service Operations Management
ELE 228 Labor Relations Management
ELE 229 Negotiation Skills
ELE 230 Real Estate Management
PRJ 351 Project & Report Writing (6 Credit Hours)


Course Areas Credit Hours
Business Tool Courses 36
Business Foundation Courses 60
Focus Area Courses 15
Electives 9
Total 120
Live Online Counselling 9am to 5pm