Trinity International College

Phoenix Clubs

Having a sheer vision and utmost determination of creating a platform to serve as a creative work field for our fellow Trinity mates, realized with the discovery of “Phoenix Club’’. Phoenix Club provides co-curricular opportunities for fellow Trinitians to interact in activities designed to market leadership development, self-exploration, social interaction, and student formation with opportunities to be challenged beyond their comfort zones.

Phoenix club strives for the involvement of youths from every faculty be it BSc. CSIT, BCA, BBM, BA and BBS to enhance their leadership skills and develop strong willpower to not let any stone unturned not only in their academics but also in various activities like Sports, refreshment programs, Tech Talks and much more. This involvement of students from every faculty helps one to become more collaborative, and can lead to great friendships and new networking opportunities. This stage of college life is all about gaining experiences and transforming them into skills, which Phoenix hopes to assist with.

Simply participating in an extracurricular group, whether as a member or as a leader, will boost your school experience. Through Phoenix Club, you can gain skills, make contacts, and increase your knowledge, all of which will help you become a better-rounded individual, ready to tackle your future job! So, are you up for the challenge of creating some unforgettable college memories?

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