Trinity International College

Extra Edge - BCA

Vital non-credit inputs supplement the regular BCA course as they meet the diverse learning needs of students and improve their employability. Also, these additional inputs build technical competencies, problem solving abilities, and managerial skills.

First Semester

Second Semester

  • Photoshop Workshop
  • Field Visit I – Society & Technology
  • Student Presentation I (Individual)
  • Static Website Designing Training
  • Microprocessor Workshop
  • Student Presentation II (individual)

Third Semester

Fourth Semester

  • Field Visit II - Society & Technology
  • Guest Lecture on Motivation
  • Literature Review
  • Minor Project Orientation
  • Web Hosting Training
  • Website Designing Workshop

Fifth Semester

Sixth Semester

  • CISCO Workshop
  • Designing & Animation Training
  • IoT Workshop
  • Android Training
  • Seminar on e-Commerce
  • Ethical Hacking Workshop

Seventh Semester

Eighth Semester

  • Internship Orientation
  • Seminar on Cyber Law
  • Seminar on Job Placement
  • Final Year Project Orientation
  • GIS Workshop
  • Paper Writing with IEEE


Advancement Courses

Non-syllabus courses cover latest and important computer and IT developments. Students can thereby adjust to rapid changes in this field and update their knowledge

Add-on Certification

Two Certification Programs featuring .Net Technology, Java, Hardware & Networking, or Database Management are included. They bridge the gap between the allocated curriculum and an ever-evolving industry.

Language Proficiency

English Language proficiency is essential. General English, Business English, technical writing, and presentation skills facilitate the easy entry of our graduates into a demanding corporate world.

Personality Development

We groom students in self-management and interpersonal skills through personality development sessions. These deal with self-awareness, body language, time management, corporate dressing, and social etiquette.

Corporate Interaction

Eminent professionals give lectures and presentations on diverse, useful topics. To further interaction, students of all branches go on industrial trips at least once a year.

Industrial Tie-ups

Tie-ups are in the offing with top industries and IT-related  business houses for curriculum development, collaborative research, and skills transfer to our faculty, staff, and, importantly, students.

Placement Support

Our Placement Office supports graduates in finding the right kind of job environment here or abroad. This Office also helps them prepare documents & CVs, and face interviews.


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