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A 4-year 8-semester programme, Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) utilizes concepts of information technology to solve complex or new problems of the industry. BCA is a popular course for careers in IT as it meets student backgrounds & career aspirations. 

The course provides understanding & skills about the use of computers and their application. This flexible programme allows students to delve into data structures & algorithms, operating  systems, programming & software engineering. It provides them sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge by building a range of competencies. 

BCA develops the latest generation of professionals who can utilize opportunities in a fast changing virtual world and find innovative solutions. Graduates can become internationally acceptable experts contributing much to society & their fields because of their learning & proficiency.

Key Learning Outcomes
  • Carry out required analysis and synthesis involved in computer systems, information systems, and computing applications
  • Exhibit a substantial understanding of concepts in key areas of computer applications and management
  • Develop Applications involving Multimedia, Mobile, Network and Web based systems to design effective Human-Computer interaction through visual programming
  • Gain specialization in configuration, integration, development and testing of systems and network to meet industrial needs.
  • Exhibit sound practical skills to address problems arising from computing systems and applications
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