Trinity International College


Esteemed University
Accreditation & Recognition
Tribhuvan University, a centre of quality education, is Nepal’s oldest, largest, and most reputed university. BBM is one of its qualitative programmes accredited and recognized globally.

Global Recognition
Credit Transfer & Study Options
The four-year programme with adequate electives makes it internationally acceptable. BBM students can choose to transfer credits while they are studying. Alternately, they can do Master’s Degrees directly after graduating.

Latest Curriculum
Width & Depth
The curriculum is both broad and deep incorporating theoretical knowledge and practical skills. It integrates distinct course components with the latest changes in the business & managerial environment.

Solid Foundation
Business & Management
This course imparts requisite conceptual knowledge of business & management. It also builds a foundation in allied areas such as communication, economics, statistics, and law helping students to understand management practices.

Varied Careers
Jobs & Prospects
More and more jobs are being created in an increasingly wellmanaged business driven world. There is a multiplicity of career opportunities for BBM graduates in different sectors of business & management.

Entrepreneurial Skills
Motivation & Capability
Students take the initiative to set up their own ventures by exploring new opportunities. BBM instills entrepreneurship, and encourages graduates to become effective agents of change in society.

Professional Preparedness
Projects & Internships
During the course, ample professional exposure to projects and internships makes for real-world experience. This helps focusing on key interests, career objectives, and job opportunities.

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