Trinity International College

Coordinator’s Message


Dear Students

This is to introduce you to our new TUaffiliated BA program. Now, the qualification is for 4 years like all Bachelor programs meeting international benchmarks alongside collegiate or university requirements for higher studies in Nepal or abroad.

The programs of Tribhuvan University,especially those of its Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, are in great demand. This program too empowers you to understand and interpret human experience and scholarship. It makes students think creatively yet critically while inviting questions to resolve doubts.

BA studies enable students to apply innovative approaches to handle the circumstances they are likely to encounter. Such broad education greatly helps would-be professionals in their personal and social life, diverse jobs, or professional careers.

Exciting times are indeed ahead of you since Trinity College is a choice that’ll make you extremely glad, and successful! At our end, we assure all the personalized help and technical support you’d need.

Best regards,

Program Coordinator

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