Trinity International College


Reputed University

Accreditation & Recognition
Tribhuvan University, a source and centre of quality education, is Nepal's oldest, largest, and most reputed university. TU's qualitative programs, including the BA, are accredited and recognized globally.

Popular Degree

Duration & Availability
BA, now a 4-year degree, is offered by reputed universities like TU. It is a flexible program providing students with the optimal balance between a defined sequence of study and different course options.

Modernized Curriculum

Width & Depth
The revised curriculum is both broad and deep incorporating basic and applied areas of humanities and social sciences. It integrates distinct course components with the latest changes in society so as to produce trained and specialized personnel.

Two Majors

Choice & Expertise
Students undertake two concentrated extended Majors and a Functional Paper. Students tailor the degree to suit their own career aspirations since there are many subjects from which to choose.

Diverse Careers

Jobs & Prospects
Many jobs are available for BA graduates because of their broadbased background with specialization in a definite discipline. There are a variety of career opportunities for them in areas such as social work, media, tourism, and teaching.

Integrated Approach

Skills & Knowledge
By imparting key practical skills and interdisciplinary knowledge, this program develops graduates to become leaders in their fields. The BA degree has societal relevance as it interrelates written communication, problem solving, critical thinking, and interpersonal understanding.

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